About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster a socially engaged student body at Queen’s University by providing a platform for the education and advocation for the black community. We seek to achieve this through open forums, panel discussions, guest lectures, and partnerships with key organizations at Queen’s  and black Queen’s alumni.

Our History

QBAS (formally, Queen’s Community of Black Intellectuals) was formed with the purpose of fostering a sense of community and safe space among black students, faculty members and staff members. Queen’s Black Academic Society was ratified under the AMS in the summer of 2011. The organization have been well received with great interest, and have quickly built a supportive community of students who feel welcome to share their personal thoughts and debate on social, political, and economic matters.

Behind the Name

As a small representation of the global Black population, we seek to be intellectually and socially engaged, by educating ourselves about local and global social, political, and economic matters. We use the term “Black” for a general understanding of our targeted group but understand that it is a loose term and is not sufficient to categorize peoples of varying origins and backgrounds. As such, we emphasize self-identification as an important component of our members association with the group.